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About RENEEW Collision Repair Centre

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Who do we serve?
  • We work with all Insurance ProvidersIndividual Drivers and Fleets.

What can our clients expect from us?
  • The best possible customer experience and to exceed expectations.

  • The highest standard of workmanship.

  • Expertise in our chosen field.

  • A business that takes the environment seriously just like the clients we serve.

Our Vision and Aspiration

Our Vision
To be the leader in our industry focusing on...

To be the “go to” collision repair company for EV and Prestige vehicles. To create the safest working environment for our staff and by extension, our customers, adhering to the highest health and safety laws, regulations and standards in the industry.

To achieve best practices by providing good leadership, personal development and training to our team. Inspiring our team to achieve the highest standard of work with a culture of respect, trust and support for one another. Giving back to the community by nurturing aspiring youth into the industry of good work ethics.

To make measurable changes to minimise carbon footprint in all areas of our operation as part of our environmental goal. As a result, creating an aspiring workplace for all to come. 


Going the extra mile with excellent service & technology

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the smiles, feedback and compliments from our customers. Going the extra mile is not only an obligation but a growth mindset for personal achievement in our excellence of work and in life. Hence, it is a win-win for everyone.

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Core Values


Safety For Our Customer & Vehicles

We restore all vehicles to OEM standards that enable our customers' vehicles to prepare for situations the way that they should be and designed to perform.

Safety For Our Staff

Our moto is “We're never too busy to be Safe”. Safety is uncompromisable when comes to caring for our staff by practising the most vigilant standards in the industry.  We are committed to our staff's well-being and safety as effective measures of utmost importance to all. ​

Doing The Right Thing

Respect people or organisations that are paying the bills.

We must ensure that all repairs are both environmentally and economically sound for all. We believe we can provide excellent service, in a timely manner at a fair price for all.

Invest In Our Staff

Employ the best people and nurture them into the best craftsmen in their trade, training the young for the future. 

Invest in the best technology to enable the best repair standards, including environmentally sustainable options.

The Best Experience

From the moment you walk through our doors to the moment you collect your vehicle, we aim to provide the best customer experience. Communication is key to keeping our customers up to date at all times. 

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