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  • Do I contact RENEEW or my insurance company first?
    Contact your insurer and let them know your circumstances, and ask to use RENEEW as your repairer. Then contact us with your claim number.
  • Can I tell my insurance company where I want my vehicle repaired?
    Most insurers will offer a choice of approved repairer. If your insurer tells you that you must use a certain smash repair business, you can always ask for clarification and suggest your own choice. Always ask the question. RENEEW is an insurance approved repairer with most insurance companies, so it’s highly likely that we provide our car repair services to your insurer. Contact RENEEW and provide your claim number. We can sort it out with your insurer from there. Easy!
  • Can Reneew perform repair work for any insurance company?
    Reneew Panel and Paint work with most major insurance companies. Our panel beaters have taken care of the local community since 1973, and our quality smash repairs to accident damaged vehicles are acknowledged by our partner relationships. We are pre-authorised for most claims and can deal directly with your insurance company to progress your repair. We care about you and your car and we want you back on the road faster.
  • Can I claim against the other party's insurance?
    Proceeding through your own insurer is usually more convenient and time effective for you as your insurer is working directly with you and your repairer. In dealing with a third party, you may not have the same flexibility in choice of repairer and in having the repairs carried out in a timely fashion. Contact your insurer to be sure. Once you have a claim number, we can provide an estimate.
  • What do I do if my car is damaged in an accident?
    Firstly, we know it is quite a shock to be involved in an accident – so stay calm and ensure you have all information you may need to make a claim such as the other party’s name, registration number, phone number and insurance company details. Then you can start thinking about how to make a claim or choosing a panel beater. Our Insurance Repair process is quite straightforward: STEP 1 Lodge your claim through your insurance company to get the process started. STEP 2 Request RENEEW to perform the repairs or Contact us directly with your claim number. STEP 3 Make an appointment to get the work done and sit back and relax! STEP 4 We will keep you updated live via SMS at every stage of the repair process. STEP 5 Repairs are complete! Our Rapid Repair Technology will have you back on the road faster.
  • Are car repairs covered by insurance?
    This will depend on what your car insurance policy covers. Basic car insurance usually covers the cost of repairs caused by a car accident but not general mechanical repairs. RENEEW specialises in car accident repairs and we’re a preferred repairer for many insurance companies including RAC and Allianz.
  • What does a panel beater/spray painter do?
    Panel beaters and spray painters use specialised equipment and products to restore an accident damaged vehicle to look new. Panel beaters remove dents, carry out major and minor panel repairs and replacements, structural repairs/realignments and some mechanical/electrical repairs. Spray painters prepare new, old and repaired parts/surfaces, use sophisticated colour matching techniques and start of the art equipment and paint products for a perfect paint finish.
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