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Our Focus

Director Aaron Scagliotta has recruited the highest skilled technicians from all over the world that specialise in complex repairs that are often required to bring your vehicle back to pre-accident condition. We also aim to recruit young local Western Australian talent to learn the skills required in the industry for future generations.

The team at Reneew Collision Repair Centre have the combined experience to deliver…

Reneew Technicians 01.jpg
1. Safety of Customer Vehicles (Our customers themselves)

We repair all vehicles to OEM standards that allow the vehicle to react in all situations the way they were designed to.

2. Safety of our Staff

The safety of our staff is paramount. We care about our staff,  we aim to have the most vigilant standards in the industry. We focus on staff well-being and our genuine commitment to safety and our moto is “We're never too busy to be safe”.  We know having effective measures in place is of utmost importance to all. 

A safe staff member is a happy staff member and allows our business to meet productivity requirements, which will lead to a higher standard of repair and service.

3. Professional Service

From the moment you walk through our doors to the moment you collect your vehicle, we aim to have the best customer service in the industry. We believe communication is key to this, we use technology to keep our customers up to date, and when necessary communicate personally. Here at Reneew we treat our customers the way we would like to be treated. We hope to provide you with a positive experience, to counteract the challenging one that brought you to us. We would like to facilitate this process as best as we can from beginning to end.

4. Satisfaction for our Stakeholders

Our view is that there are four stakeholders often involved in the collision repair process.

  1. The directors and shareholders. It is essential for them to be successful in order to…

    • Employ the best people, support current staff and invest in new staff for the future.

    • Invest in the best technology to enable the best repair standards, including environmentally sustainable options.

    • Create the safest possible work environment for all staff.

  2. The work providers. The people or organizations that are paying the bill.

    • We must ensure that all repairs are both environmentally and economically sound for all. We believe we can provide excellent service, in a timely manner at a fair price for all.

  3. The Driver. We have an obligation to bring a vehicle back to pre-accident condition. The vehicle must not only look good but needs to be as safe as it can be.

  4. Our People/Staff. We provide our people with a culture of safety in everything we do. After all, work can be a place where we spend most of our lives.  Happy staff leads to happy outcomes and performance, the world needs more happy people. Our people must be safe as they have families to provide for, and we want them to get home to their families' safety every night.  We care about their well-being and invest in their personal development.  We foster professionalism by working together in achieving our revolutionary leap into the future of electric vehicles. 

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