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Our Technology



State-of-the-art Symach Dry King and Kombi King paint line with UV Curing of primer and Gas fired IR technology for drying of top coats. This system enables line-side delivery of vehicles (no need to drive/move) This creates a continuous one-piece flow of repair enabling a very fast and efficient repair.

Paint Product

We use world-renowned AkzoNobel coatings to restore the paintwork on the vehicles we work on, together with Autowave 2.0, a water-based basecoat paint to achieve the best results and finishing. The accuracy of vehicle colours is matched using our spectrometer.


We have all the latest technology to repair composite materials for vehicles including aluminum. Using a dedicated composite room, we are able to isolate aluminum from different materials. Our state-of-the-art Spanesi pulling and jigging bench, coupled with a Spanesi Touch measuring system allows us to measure and straighten virtually any car. Our top-of-the-line welding facilities and dedicated welders weld any material.rivet and bond complex composites with the best riveting systems.


We use 1Q1 Collision Repair Software – a body shop management program, the most advanced yet user-friendly Body Shop Flow Management system that supports a true team-based production process and provides an interface between the administration, production and customer.​  The unique interface of the 1Q1 system means all members of our team are kept informed of updates and changes related to the repair process, giving real time measurable data and information on the status and progress of each job.​ It is a user-friendly customer management system, that gives our customer facing staff the information they need to provide our customers with the best experience possible.

1Q1 enables you to:

  • Set a process, communicate it with staff and hold them accountable.

  • Gain visibility into every aspect of a claim from start to finish.

  • Set, communicate and enforce a quality expectation, customised to each and every job.

  • Track individual jobs as they go through the process.

  • Automate customer communication by giving customers the ability to see live status of their vehicle repairs.

A sneak preview of our Re-imagined Neew Collision Repair Centre

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