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Rev Up The Voltage: Aaron's Tesla Model 3 Performance Custom Build

Part 2: Aaron's Inspiration and the Build Progress

In the world of automotive customisation, few choices are as impactful and instantly recognisable as the colour scheme of a vehicle. It's the visual element that can make or break a custom build, and when it comes to Aaron Scagliotta's Tesla Model 3 Performance, the choice of Matte Grey with striking orange striping is nothing short of awe-inspiring. But what inspired this bold and captivating color combination?

Matte Grey Mercedes AMG
Photo Credit Car and Driver - Pinterest

The inspiration behind the mesmerising Matte Grey and Orange scheme can be traced back to another iconic car, a Matte Grey Mercedes C63 AMG with bold yellow striping. This Mercedes powerhouse not only served as a source of inspiration but also as a canvas for Aaron's vision of creating a truly unique and captivating aesthetic for his Tesla Model 3.

The choice of Matte Grey as the primary colour was a deliberate one. This subdued yet sophisticated shade provides a sleek and contemporary backdrop that will allow the orange striping to pop with unparalleled intensity. The result is a visual masterpiece that effortlessly blends elegance with a powerful, sporty demeanour.

To achieve this remarkable transformation, meticulous attention to detail was required. The Matte Grey paint was flawlessly applied to every inch of the Model 3's exterior, ensuring a smooth and uniform finish that exuded luxury and refinement. The orange striping, will be strategically placed along the vehicle's contours, adding a dynamic and eye-catching element that sets this custom build apart from the rest.

As we delve further into the world of Aaron Scagliotta's Tesla Model 3 Performance, it becomes evident that his commitment to excellence extends beyond the exterior. The interior of this electric marvel received an equally stunning makeover, starting with the reupholstered seats, steering wheel, and centre console.

Gone are the factory-standard

seats and steering wheel. In their place, you'll find handcrafted, custom upholstery that not only enhances comfort but also complements the vehicle's bold exterior aesthetic. The combination of premium leather and Alcantara materials exudes luxury and offers a tactile experience that is second to none.

The centre console, a hub of connectivity and control in any modern vehicle, received a high-tech makeover of its own. With sleek black accents and orange detailing, it seamlessly integrates with the overall design theme, making every interaction with the vehicle a visually captivating experience.

Centre Console, Dash and Steering Wheel with the grey and orange trim

To give you an inside look at the mesmerising transformation of this Tesla Model 3 Performance, we've compiled a gallery of images and videos that chronicle the build's progress. From the initial stages of disassembly in Part 1 of this series, to the final touches of interior customisation (below), every step in this journey has been captured to showcase the dedication, craftsmanship, and innovation that went into bringing this automotive masterpiece to life.

Prepare to be captivated by the fusion of inspiration, artistry, and innovation as you explore the captivating world of Aaron Scagliotta's Matte Grey and Orange Tesla Model 3 Performance. Witness the beauty of automotive customisation in action and experience the thrill of Aaron's vision brought to life. Stay tuned for our final instalment of the finished motoring masterpiece.


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