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Why do EV's require to be isolated before being repaired?

EV's require to be isolated before being repaired to protect repair technicians from electrical shock. EVs have high-voltage batteries and electrical components that can carry up to 600V or more, which is strong enough to pose a risk of death or serious injury if someone comes into contact with it. Hence, it is important to isolate the vehicle by deactivating its electrical system by disconnecting the battery, to ensure that there is no residual electrical current in the vehicle. This safety procedure helps prevent accidents and ensures the safety of repair technicians and anyone else who may come into contact with the vehicle during repairs.

Can an EV be damaged by insufficient battery isolation?

Yes, an EV can be damaged by insufficient battery isolation. If there is a lack of proper battery isolation, it can cause short circuits and damage the battery cells or even cause an explosion. This can also lead to a fire hazard and pose a risk to any people nearby, and the vehicle. Therefore, it is essential to have a reliable battery isolation system in place to protect the EV from any damage.

Did you know?

Before commencing any work, Reneew Collision Repair Centre isolates all EV's such as Teslas from a primary and secondary point wherever possible.


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