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Automotive Services - Car Mechanic Perth

Quality Systems Creating a Quality Finish

Looking for a mechanic? Reneew recommend BE-ON Automotive to help with your next premium mechanical, tyre fitting or air conditioning service.

  • BE-ON Automotive service all makes and models.

  • BE-ON Automotive only use quality and reputable products such as premium Shell oil and Ryco filters.

  • Upfront costs, with no hidden extras.

  • Lifetime guarantee on all work performed (Silver and Gold).

  • 24,000kms or 24 month guarantee on new parts (Silver and Gold).

  • BE-ON Automotive take pride in a clean and professional environment. We care about keeping up our standards with qualified and experienced technicians.

  • High standard of customer service to our clients and work providers.

What car do we service?

How often should I get my car serviced?

What is logbook service?

How long does a car service take?

Will I know the cost of my car service before commencing?


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