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Pre-Purchase Car Inspection

Buy a car with confidence

If you are looking to buy a second-hand car, make sure you are not getting a lemon! Reneew Collision Repair Centre recommend BE-ON Automotive for any Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

Take the guesswork out and have your car professionally checked by a qualified BE-ON Automotive mechanic before you purchase.

At BE-ON Automotive, we are dedicated to giving you quality service according to your needs. Our qualified mechanics will undertake a full mechanical inspection report on your vehicle.

The following mechanical checks are included:

  • Engine - Oil level and condition, all fluid levels and condition, power steering, cooling system pressure test, drive belts and pulleys, mounts, noises, radiator and cap condition, road test.

  • Under body – Exhaust system, drive line, steering components, suspension, fuel hoses, wheel bearings, shock absorbers.

  • Brakes – Brake pads and discs, hand brake, brake hoses.

  • Tyres – Inspect all tyres including spare, rims and nuts.

  • Battery and charging system – Electrolyte level, terminals and leads, charge rate, condition, type and size.

  • Interior components – Seatbelts, window operation, air conditioner operation.


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