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Bumper Repair

Caring for Cars is Our Business

Bumpers are a critical safety feature of your car. A mis-aligned bumper or ignoring the need for a small bumper repair can result in further expense down the track.

Our Auto-Body Technicians work hard to make sure everything is done to the highest standards. They achieve this by using high-tech equipment including the computerised Car-O-Liner measurement and alignment system. This ensures your safety and a flawless finish.

This commitment to quality systems and processes ensures that our work is as valued as the people behind it. Contact us for quality bumper repairs. Simply input your insurance claim number – we cover most insurance work in the southern suburbs (Perth to Fremantle and beyond).

What is bumper repairs?

Panel beaters perform bumper repairs when a car’s front or rear bumper has been dented, damaged or scratched due to an accident. The most common bumper repairs are to the corners of the front and rear bumpers. These areas are most likely to incur damage during a car accident.


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