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Rev Up The Voltage - The Dream Becomes Reality

Part 3: The Beast is Alive!

In the electrifying journey of transforming Aaron Scagliotta's Tesla Model 3 Performance into a head-turning masterpiece, we're back with the third instalment of "Rev Up the Voltage." This amazing makeover, brought to life with the invaluable support of dedicated suppliers, continues to astound EV enthusiasts and Tesla owners alike.

A Heartfelt Thanks to Our Partners

Before we dive into the latest developments, we'd like to take a moment to express our gratitude to the businesses that made this project possible. Aaron Scagliotta, with his vision and dedication, turned his Tesla into an automotive work of art. It wouldn't have been possible without the invaluable contributions of our partners:

  • AkzoNobel: For the extraordinary paint job that gave the car its stunning matte grey finish.

  • S&S Industries: For supplying the essential consumables that kept the transformation rolling.

  • Poli Motor Trimming: For the luxurious interior re-upholstery that turned the Model 3's cabin into a haven of style and comfort.

  • Freedb Car Stereo: For an upgraded sound system that elevates the driving experience to a whole new level.

  • RollingStock: For the sleek wheels and striking body kit that give this Tesla a commanding presence on the road.

  • BEON Automotive: For the suspension and tires that make sure this Model 3 Performance drives like a dream.

  • Reflect Auto Glass: For the removal and replacement of all auto glass during the strip down and rebuild processes.

If you've been inspired by Aaron's transformation and are considering any of these upgrades for your Tesla, reach out to Reneew Collision Repair Centre. Your Tesla deserves the best!

The Ongoing Evolution

Aaron's journey is far from over, and the third instalment of his remarkable Tesla makeover promises even more excitement. The evolution of the Model 3 Performance is a testament to the power of customisation, innovation, and dedication within the EV community. Here's a glimpse of what's been happening:

  • New Sleek Wheels and Striking Body Kit: The Model 3 has undergone a complete makeover, sporting new wheels and a striking body kit that sets it apart on the road.

  • Custom-Painted Trim & Brake Calipers: Every detail counts. Custom-painted trim and brake calipers showcase the attention given to every aspect of this EV transformation.

  • Luxurious Re-Upholstered Seats, Console, and Steering Wheel: The interior is where luxury meets innovation, and it's a marvel to behold. Every drive promises comfort and style.

  • Upgraded Sound System: With an enhanced sound system, every journey in the Model 3 Performance is a concert on wheels, providing a musical experience like no other.

  • Custom 'R' Racing Stripe: The promise of a custom 'R' racing stripe is in the air, adding a touch of personalisation that's unique to Aaron's vision. (Coming soon - click to see our concept).

As we continue to rev up the voltage on this incredible journey, we invite you to stay tuned for the next blog, where we'll showcase Aaron's finished Model 3 Performance with it's 'R' Spec Racing livery with a detailed photo shoot.

Aaron Scagliotta's work is redefining the possibilities for Tesla enthusiasts, and his journey is a testament to the limitless potential of EV innovation. Keep driving electric, keep innovating, and keep sharing the love for sustainable transportation. The world of EVs will never be the same, and Aaron Scagliotta is at the forefront of this revolution. Stay tuned for more updates as we follow Aaron's path to excellence in the EV world.


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