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Smash Repairs

Quality Repairs to Accident Damaged Vehicles

Our team of highly trained Auto-Body Technicians provides quality smash repairs to accident damaged vehicles from Perth to Fremantle. This is acknowledged by our partner relationships with RAC, Allianz, Subaru & Tokio Marine Nichido. We are approved smash repairers for most insurance companies so once we have your claim number we can deal directly with your insurance company to have you back on the road faster!

You can call RAC on 13 17 03 and Allianz on 13 10 13 to directly make a claim.

We’ll Care For Your Car

We know that having an accident can be a daunting and unsettling experience. Especially during the initial shock of seeing your car in pieces. Our team and quality management system will ensure:

  • Your car is back the road faster! Our Rapid Repair technology will reduce your wait time, as we understand the inconvenience of not having your car during this time.

  • You are guaranteed a quality repair – we are not ‘fixed price’ repairers who will do the bare minimum to get the job over the line. Your car won’t know itself after we’ve carried out our high-quality car repair work.

  • You are updated by SMS as each stage of the process is completed – taking the guesswork out of when it will be ready. You’ll know exactly when to pick up your car!

What is smash repair?

What are common smash repairs?

Are smash repairs covered by insurance?


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